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What is The Marriage Coin?

thcsmallThe Marriage Coin is a unique keepsake coin that provides a fun way for couples to make decisions.  Who’s turn is it to cook tonight?  What movie shall we watch?   Where should we go on vacation?  Flip The Marriage Coin and you’re done!  If “His” side lands face up, he decides.  If “Hers” lands face up, she decides.  Each high quality coin is die struck in solid heavy brass with an antique finish.  The Marriage Coin makes a perfect gift for engagement parties, bridal showers, weddings, anniversaries, and more!  Disagree?  Toss The Marriage Coin!

The Marriage Coin Includes:
High Quality Die Struck Coin – Velvet Coin Pouch – Legend of The Marriage Coin Card

The Legend of The Marriage Coin

Once upon a time, there stood a kingdom whose King and Queen were always happy. Their merriment made for a pleasant kingdom whose subjects were in turn equally content. The secret to the King and Queen’s jubilance came from a gift they received from a loved one. The gift was an enchanted coin. When tossed, the coin would settle any instance of disagreement between them.

One side of the coin read “His”, and the other, “Hers”.

hisWhen “His” side landed face up, the King would use chivalry and valor in making his decision, as symbolized by the armor and swords that adorn the coin.

hersShould “Hers” prevail, the Queen would practice caring and respect in carrying out her wishes, as promised by the crown and roses that decorate her side.

This King and Queen’s reign was of the happiest in history. A happiness attained simply by tossing…

The Marriage Coin