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Here is what people are saying about The Marriage Coin:

tmc-icon200“I couldn’t be more pleased with my purchase. The quality and weight of this coin along with the size is 2nd to none.  You will not be disappointed in this coin at all and it will last for generations and generations to come.  As a local photographer I now give these out at all my wedding photography shoots I do as a gift to the new Bride and Groom.” Anthony C.

“This coin is very nice and a good value. I bought it for my husband for Valentines Day. Nothing like a good old fashioned coin toss to settle a matter.” Marylin T.

“Arrived quickly,.. good quality… liked it so much, I went back and ordered a second one. Fun gift for wedding showers.” Alice Y.

“What a beautiful sentiment. We could all live by the words on this coin.” Flatty F.

“Nice Anniversary gift. Something unusual and rare.” Daniel T.

“This was purchased for me as a wishing well gift at my bridal shower. I had no idea what it was or why I would have wanted it. What is funny is now I buy it for all of my friends and family getting married. It is totally unique and I know that there is a great chance I will be the only one who will be giving it but it is fun because now every time we have a debate or disagreement in my house, we flip for it. We have used this more then any other gift that we have been given. It has become a fun thing in our home so we have passed the fun on to the others in our life. It is so inexpensive for what you get out of it. Now when we want to decide everything from the color of the walls to what to order for dinner, we grab the coin and say…Lets flip for it.” Jodi R.

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The Marriage Coin Limited Edition Gold and Silver

Spring is here and lots of spring weddings are on the horizon.  Here at, we are offering special Limited Editions of The Marriage Coin with both gold and silver tone finishes! These specially minted coins are slightly large than the original version, and include a velvet coin pouch, Legend of The Marriage Coin card, and a FREE protective coin capsule.


These gold and silver variants are in limited supply and will not be offered again once they are gone, so don’t miss out!

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The Marriage Coin

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The Marriage Coin is a unique keepsake coin that provides a fun way for couples to make decisions. Who’s turn is it to cook tonight? What movie shall we watch? Where should we go on vacation? Flip The Marriage Coin and you’re done! If “His” side lands face up, he decides. If “Hers” lands face up, she decides. Each high quality coin is die struck in solid heavy brass with an antique finish. The Marriage Coin makes a perfect gift for engagement parties, bridal showers, weddings, anniversaries, and more! Disagree? Toss The Marriage Coin!

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